Catching up with Alan Metcalfe


Now that you graduated are you going to pursue professional basketball overseas or are you planning to do something else?

I have signed a contract to play pro in England in the BBL. Guildford Heat, based about 40 minutes outside of London won the playoffs last year. So I hope to go into a team and help them regain their title.

What are you most proud of from your time at Vandy?

Being part of a graduating class that changed the way college basketball critics look at VU basketball.

Who was the toughest player to guard?

DUKE CREWS…hahah not at all. Urm, maybe Al Horford just because of his athleticism. (If I had to pick one)

Where was the toughest place to play?


You experienced Memorial Magic your Junior year when Shan hit the putback off of Derrick Byars miss to beat UT as time expired what do you remember thinking as you watched that unfold?

We had run the final play a few times in practice that week – just thinking to do my job. Set a screen for DB, come back to the ball then rebound. I was right under the rim and was not really thinking anything other than Shan better not miss this haha – the ball went through the net and my celebration was probably the geekiest reaction you have ever seen caught on film.

How cool was it to beat Florida later that year when they were ranked #1 in the country?

We knew we could beat them, especially because of how well we played in the first half at their place. You don’t get many chances to have the #1 team come in and even fewer with a team good enough to win. We were not letting this one go and the feeling afterwards was incredible.

What did you think of the incident with Joakim Noah and Coach Stallings when Noah tried to grab the ball from him?

Vintage Coach (Leading by example). Never backing down – lets face it Noah deserved it and it only made us even more determined.

What do you remember about the big win against Kentucky at home a few days later? Kentucky led the entire game except for the last 30 seconds.

I think that was the game DB missed a free throw, got it back and hit a floater to put us up. DB was amazing that season obviously and that was a big shot for us. A great week in VU basketball to beat Florida and Kentuky in the same week.

What sticks out from the big win over Washington State in the NCAA tournament?

Senior leaders – DB’s block when he chased back, Dan’s offensive rebound assist to Shan for a 3, and Ted grabbed some huge rebounds plus saved a back court violation for a lay up to Shan. SENIORS LEADING

When I asked Dan Cage about the Georgetown game in the Sweet Sixteen he said “I’m not sure that I will ever be able to put it completely behind me.” What are your thoughts on that heartbreaking game?

I agree. Refs make mistakes and to be honest during the game I didn’t really notice it. I guess i was concentrating on his feet, but after everyone was saying that he traveled you start to think back and wonder. Would have been UNC in the elite 8 game which was very winnable.

Do you think Jeff Green’s shot should have counted?

It was a travel so obviously not but there were alot of feet and legs around and people make mistakes.

Onto your senior year, You were on fire during the DePaul game. How sweet was that to score 18 points and really help carry the team when AJ and Shan couldn’t get much going?

Fantastic. I knew I have had it in me to play like that and we didn’t have anything going for us really. I don’t really know what happened – haha But looking back and seeing that it kept the winning streak alive and that broke another school record is kinda fulfilling – I feel that I contributed more than a 4 year cheerleader haha

The South Carolina game in Columbia was crazy. What did Coach Stallings call for the last play? Was Beal really supposed to drive like that and take the shot?

Beal had been finding guys and making great decisions. Coach wanted him to make a play and make the right decision. He did what he was asked and that entailed him taking the shot.

I’m sure you were confident going into the big home game agianst Kentucky but did you really expect to win by 41?

Not at all. We were a bit peaved that we lost at there place and knew were a better team than them. You always want games to go according to the game plan, just noone expects it to go that well.

How special was the big win over #1 UT at home? It seemed the entire city shut down for that game.

Rival Game. Home court. They are the new number 1. You cant script it any better. Top 5 basketball highlights of my career.

Why do you think we had so much trouble against Arkansas the past few years?

Haha I have no idea.

Senior Night. I don’t know really what to say or what to ask. I almost left on 3 separate occasions because I thought it was over. What are your thoughts on that magic that was in the gym that night?

No words can describe it. It was just written in the cards for Shan, on senior night to go the way he did. Finish off for the senior class what i think many people would agree we deserved to go out like. Coach called a time out and told Shan it was time to take us on his shoulders. He asked him what he was waiting for…I guess he didnt wait much longer…he went 9 in a row haha

I want to say thanks to all the fans for the awesome support, love and encouragement I received over the 4 years there. I will be back to watch a game or 2 thats for sure. Memorial Gym = Second home. Thanks and God Bless GO DORES!