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John Markham Interview

What have you been up to?

I work over here at Bank of America, that keeps me busy. I make over to Vandy games on Saturday and I do a little coaching at MBA.

How excited are you for the bowl game?

I’m fired up. I felt like we’d make it at some point. I thought we’d get there Cutler’s senior year but I’m fired up and I’ll go wherever we go.

How exciting was it to be drafted back in 2001?

It was probably the most exciting day of my life. It was a little unexpected and it made it that much better. I’d be lying if I had said that I’d get drafted that day...

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Herdley Harrison Interview

Herdley, thanks for doing this. I don’t know if you watch pro wrestling or not but one of the main guys is Triple H, the Game is his nickname. Well me and my buddy started calling you Double H, the new Game. When you had a big tackle or sack. We’d yell out “Double H!” Ha!

HAHA, yeah that is funny. Coach Belin actually used to call me Double-H. Tell us what you’ve been up to. As far as what I’ve been up to up here in DC…… Upon graduation I was not really sure what I was going to do, but I decided to take a chance and move to a city that I did not know too much about. Seeing that my roommate (Trey Holloway) was moving up here I decided that DC would be a good choice. Along the way we picked up Aaron Carter and now all of us live up here together...

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Interview with Aaron McWhorter

Aaron, thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us. Tell us what you’ve been up to lately.

I’m working in Fort Worth, TX at an engineering firm call Carter & Burgess. Help coach my nephews little league team and volunteer at my old high school.

Let’s talk about your days at Vanderbilt. Your a Texas guy. What convinced you that Vandy was the place you wanted to be?

I enjoyed the players and coaches on the visit. It seemed like home. The coaches and players made it seemed like home on my visit. The record wasn’t to good but they seemed to show promise and everyone talked about how good the defense was and was planning to be. Then there was Corey Chavous, Fred Vincent, and Jimmy Williams at the corners. My thought was that I could follow in their footsteps.

What ar...

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Trey Holloway Interview

Why did you choose to come to Vanderbilt? I’m sure you had other schools pursuing you.

Yes, I had scholarship offers from other schools and a couple of Big 12 schools came late with scholarship offers but I decided on Vanderbilt because of the school. Most guys on the team are from the region and know about the tradition of the SEC but I actually didn’t. I was looking for a place that played big time college football but where I could also get a high quality education and I found that in Vanderbilt.

What are you most proud of from your time at Vandy? Graduating. Obviously the academic rigor at Vandy is well known so getting a degree from there is something that I’ll always be very proud of.

Do you keep in touch with any of your former teammates?

Yeah, I’m actuall...

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Catching up with Bill Alford

Tell us what you’ve been up to?

I haven’t been up to much lately. I’m just staying in shape so I’ll be ready to play football.

You almost made the Broncos last year. I remember watching you in a preseason game against the Cowboys. How disappointing was it to make all the way to the final roster cuts?

It’s hard being cut no matter which cut it is. At this point I know that it’s not about who is the best person but the person who is in the best situation who makes the team.

Was it good to play with Cutler again?

It was great playing with Cutler again. He’s a great player and an overall good guy.

What are you most proud of from your time at Vanderbilt?

I’m most proud of graduating from Vanderbilt.

Where was the hardest place to play in the SEC?


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Marlon White Interview

So, tell us what you’ve been up to.

Well actually not a whole lot. I have been between Nashville and my hometown since I graduated and now I’m about to go to Youngstown, Ohio to play in the AF2 for the Mahoning Valley Thunder.

How did you get involved in the Arena League?

Well, I got hooked up with that through my former receiver’s coach from high school. He knows the head coach of the team and he signed me based on my coach’s word.

Why did you choose Vanderbilt? Who were some of the other schools recruiting you?

I chose Vanderbilt because so many people told me that after I graduated I would have no problem finding a job. Also I was given the opportunity to play college football at the highest level in the county...

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Dustin Dunning Interview

Tell everybody what you’ve been up to.

Well, after I graduated I tried out and got cut from the Redskins and decided it was time to get a job so I applied and was hired by Halliburton, an energy service company. I’€™ve since moved to Colorado and am in their Business Development department here in Grand Junction, CO.

Let’s talk about your time at Vanderbilt. What was it about Vanderbilt that made you want to come to Nashville?

Well coming out of high school I was overlooked by a lot of the larger schools in the SEC because I wasn’€™t as heavy as a lot of the top recruits in the state. Luckily, coach Rutledge noticed me. I ultimately chose Vandy because it was still close enough to home and I had to jump on the opportunity to receive a world class education.


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