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JT talks about being recruited

Nothing against Vandy because I loved my four years there, but after the way the past 4 years have went, most people’s mouths drop in awe at what I was thinking. Let’s see if you do that by the time I finish. These are the Top 5 schools I had official visits set up with. In order of dropping the Schools:

5. UConn – I was born in the north with cold weather, adapted to the south with warm weather, decided UConn would be to cold for me.

4. UK – Liked talking to Tubby Smith on the phone, but for some reason got the feeling I would get lost in the hype.

3. Tennessee – Explained that the roster was already to deep at the post position and signing more did not help the cause. If that did not happen, I would have been a Volunteer. (This is our secret)


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Julian Terrell talks flying to Mississippi

Here is a story about our plane trips, however I must warn that if flying is questionable to anyone, I’d stop reading right about now.

Anyway, typically when we would fly to games at Ole Miss we would take plane trips the day of the game. So on this one particular trip, there was a little bit too much going on that no one will ever forget. I’ll start the story off by telling that on our way to the airport, Mario Moore decides to drink a full bottle of grape juice because this will come into play later. As we are pulling up to the airplane from our bus we see this nice big plane that we normally take so obviously no one is having any issues...

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Julian Terrell reflects on 2005 NIT Tournament

Ok, the 2005 NIT run. It was a great time because this was the second post season play I was a part of, and although it wasn’t the NCAA, it was still a tournament and just more time we would be able to travel and see more places. Starting with The NCAA selection night I think we all pretty much knew the loss to Auburn was the loss that was going to hurt us so we pretty much just waited around to get the call for the NIT.

When we found out we were going to Indiana there wasn’t much time to prepare for them, especially with not playing them that year. We played at IU my freshmen year and at home against them my Sophomore year. So going there my Junior year would just be another experience against them...

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Norval McKenzie comments on AAFL folding

As Previously Reported Norval McKenzie had been drafted by Team Florida of the AAFL. Today the league announced plans to postpone their first season until next year. I contacted Norval today and this is what he had to say. Norvel, I heard that the AAFL has postponed their season until next year.

Yes, they have decided to postpone the season until 2009.I currently had to resign from my job like many players did in an attempt to follow our dreams. I am currently studying for the GRE so I can go back to school and further my education.

Are you going to try to make the team again next year?

I can’t answer that right now, I have to see what the immediate future holds. If I’m in a position to drop what I’m doing then maybe...

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