Gus Mazahn picks up Stagg Coaching Award


Auburn’s Gus Malzahn will pick up his Amos Alonzo Stagg Coaching Award on May 30th at the Auburn Athletics Complex. The United States Sports Academy announced Malzahn its 2014 winner in February for “outstanding achievement as a coach.”

Malzahn helped lead Auburn to the SEC championship and a spot in the BCS title game.

The United States Sports Academy says the winner of its award “should exhibit a high standard of propriety, imagination, and innovation as a character-builder in the tradition of great teacher-coaches.”

Malzahn also won these national coach of the year awards for his 2013 success: the Bobby Bowden Award, the Bear Bryant Award, the Eddie Robinson Award, Home Depot Award, Liberty Mutual Award and was named coach of the year by the Associated Press and the Sporting News.

The award is named in honor of a man who was instrumental in founding the AFCA in the 1920s. He is considered one of the great innovators and motivating forces in the early development of the game of football. The plaque given to each recipient is a replica of the one given to Stagg at the 1939 AFCA convention in tribute to his 50 years of service to football.