JT talks about being recruited

Nothing against Vandy because I loved my four years there, but after the way the past 4 years have went, most people’s mouths drop in awe at what I was thinking. Let’s see if you do that by the time I finish. These are the Top 5 schools I had official visits set up with. In order of dropping the Schools:

5. UConn – I was born in the north with cold weather, adapted to the south with warm weather, decided UConn would be to cold for me.

4. UK – Liked talking to Tubby Smith on the phone, but for some reason got the feeling I would get lost in the hype.

3. Tennessee – Explained that the roster was already to deep at the post position and signing more did not help the cause. If that did not happen, I would have been a Volunteer. (This is our secret)

2. Bama – Mark Gottfried was a great guy, very personable, and they showed me a great time there, however I am more of a System guy and they were very Individual oriented. (I left this hat in the bag)

1. VANDY – Honestly, from the beginning I had no ambitions on going to Vandy. I had only been to one basketball game with Coach Woody’s son back in 8th grade and never actually knew Vandy existed again until Moe committed. I remember when I first met Stalls (the players nickname) and Coach Jackson. I was taken back by how nice they were to me and my mother. But at the same time, they did not annoy me (1 of the previous 4 did and the number was even) with phone calls and texts every minute possible.

Throughout the process I can remember a time I was sitting in class in high school and randomly look at the door and there coach Jackson is just looking at me. I didn’t know what to do but luckily I was being good at the time. Then came the home visit when they came over. Pretty much was me sitting there listening to my mom and the two coaches tell stories about Jazz music and me just reading the booklet they made for me. In the end, I was Vandy all the way after I met the guys. I know I made the right choice and loved my time there.