Norval McKenzie comments on AAFL folding

As Previously Reported Norval McKenzie had been drafted by Team Florida of the AAFL. Today the league announced plans to postpone their first season until next year. I contacted Norval today and this is what he had to say. Norvel, I heard that the AAFL has postponed their season until next year.

Yes, they have decided to postpone the season until 2009.I currently had to resign from my job like many players did in an attempt to follow our dreams. I am currently studying for the GRE so I can go back to school and further my education.

Are you going to try to make the team again next year?

I can’t answer that right now, I have to see what the immediate future holds. If I’m in a position to drop what I’m doing then maybe. It was kind of a set back in hopes of obtaining my dream. I’m just not sure.