Penn State Paid $2.5 Million Buyout to Get James Franklin from Vandy

There has been so much misinformation about James Franklin and his buy out at Vanderbilt floating around on the internet. Last month we were told that his contract was tied to facility upgrades and whoever came to get him had to pay off a chunk of the new practice facility. It turns out that was false. Franklin was tied to the new indoor practice facility in his contract but it had to do with it being built in order to keep him. The Coach had it written into the contract to keep him happy because he wanted to make sure it got built in order to keep up with the Jones’ in the SEC.

Clay Travis and other notable media members came out and said that there was no buy out clause and Franklin could jump to whatever school wanted him. But last week we all found out that was false when David Williams announced in his press conference that there was a buy out but he didn’t elaborate on how much it was. We talked to someone who works for the University last night and we were told Penn State had to pay $2.5 million to get Franklin to buy him out of his contract at Vanderbilt. This is the first time that anyone has mentioned the actual number.

Yesterday Vanderbilt hired Derek Mason to replace Franklin. It’s not known what he’s making but the pay is likely in the $2 to $3 million dollar a year range.